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We’ll help you grow your farm through innovation and strategic partnerships.


Darren, President

As a farm kid, Darren has been around ag equipment and machinery his whole life. There’s something to be said about doing stuff you love. And he wouldn’t trade what he’s doing for anything.


George, Parts Manager

Looking for something? With nearly three decades in the business, you can be sure he knows how to help. When he’s not sourcing parts, you’ll find him working on one of his classic cars.


Louise, Office Manager

We  joke that Louise is the resident coffee maker. And she does make a mean cup. But no one sees the half of what she does. As office manager, she’s also our bean counter. She runs a tight ship and keeps us all in line. 

Questions? Just call TOLL FREE 1-855-317-0089.

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Salford’s I-2100 uses a heavier coil spring to increase it’s jackhammer effect to penetrate tougher ground conditions. The I-2100 employs the heavy frame design for increased weight per blade. This machine is able to cover an acre per hour, per foot. In other words, a 41-foot machine will cover 41 acres per hour. The I-2100 has been engineered for compatibility with I-Series seeding and fertilizer attachments to allow producers to combine field operations, saving fuel and man hours.

The I-4200 combines residue mixing capabilities of the I-4100 with the field finish characteristics of the I-1200 or I-2200 (five-inch spaced models). The combination allows for excellent seedbed preparation and field finish, more residue coverage, thorough residue sizing, effective mechanical weed control, stronger performance in high-residue or wet conditions compared to compact discs or disc gang-style VT machines. The I-4200 is compatible with all Salford seeding and fertilizer application attachments, including SwitchBlade hydraulic shanks. This combines multiple operations into one pass, multiplying the productivity factor of the machine. The I-4200 may also be combined with Salford standard and Flex Finish harrow systems.

I-5100 — Faster than a speeding disc, as powerful as a moldboard plow, able to penetrate in dry conditions and won’t plug in wet soil.

The Independent 5100 is truly a unique piece of tillage equipment. The I-5100 builds on Salford’s patented design to deliver the first full primary tillage machine in the Independent Series of tools.

Blades are spaced at five inches in four rows, on the longest tillage frame in the Independent Series, for exceptional residue flow. The rubber suspension on the coulter mounts uses pressure off the bottom of the frame members for exceptional down pressure and blade reset. The high clearance individual blade mounts make this unit almost impossible to plug.

The Independent Series tools are known for running well in wet conditions because of their independently mounted blades for added clearance, but the I-5100 has been tested in some of the hardest ground conditions we could find, and the compound angle on the blade mounts was able to pull this tillage machine into the ground and hold there.

Salford double disk 525 air drill combines the depth accuracy of a planter with the convince of an air delivery system. You can pair up a AC1000,  AC2000, or AC3000 tanks which are equipped with a stainless steel meter housing and plastic tank, that will last a lifetime.





Introducing yet another leap forward in precision nutrient delivery, the first precision fertilizer applicator to achieve a true spread pattern and drive interval of 120 feet. Javelin features a 282 cu. ft. hopper, making it the largest single-axle, dry material, top dress applicator on the market today.


Get your plants the mid-season meal they need with Javelin. Adjustable axles, 90–120-inch widths, and 380/90R/46 tires are designed to maximize clearance and minimize compaction in row crop application.


Javelin not only throws far, it throws with Salford’s vaunted precision, drastically reducing material and fuel waste. The 120-foot drive interval means less time in the field, more money in your pocket. A more sustainable farm year after year.

MagnaSpread Ultra

Powered by Salford BBI’s Continuous Duty Hydraulics, this 20-ton tandem-axle workhorse has no quit in him. Less time in the field, more money in your pocket. Unequaled power and performance, paired with Salford BBI’s vaunted precision in a rugged pull-type.


The MagnaSpread Ultra is tailored specifically for the demands of large farming operations, featuring a 20-ton payload capacity backed up by a 20-ton walking beam suspension.


The Ultra comes standard with BBI’s exclusive continuous duty hydraulic system. This hydraulics package maintains a 90 percent efficiency rate, against the former industry standard of 70, giving the Ultra more uptime with greater pay loads and high-speed, high-rate application.


BBI’s Binary Manifold allows the MagnaSpread Ultra to interface with standard in snap-ready ISOBUS platforms. The Ultra comes standard with Salford’s BBI Task Command System. Task Command is a powerful virtual terminal display, along with advanced guidance application and a variable-rate technology ECU.


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